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Solomon and the list of occultists[edit]

I have removed Solomon from List of occultists for the following reasons:

  1. Solomon is a king of Ancient Israel and Judah.
  2. Both regions are described as historical reasons.
  3. Solomon thus qualifies as a historical figure.
  4. Further, the Solomon article is part of Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography, which deals only with real people.
  5. Per the intro to the list: "Since this subject has attracted hoaxes, folklore, and tall tales, the inclusion of historical persons is limited based on considerations of accepted historical fact."
  6. A legend says that Solomon was aided by demons.
  7. Legends are not accepted historical fact.

The only way to include Solomon would be to discount his historical standing as an ancient king. —C.Fred (talk) 01:53, 31 July 2008 (UTC)

a legend? I would like to see you go to any arab country and call it that. but also notice i put "king said to be the builder of the first temple with the help of demons" I reconized kind and put said by that.You can not prove solomon as a real person anymore or less then I can prove he built the temple with the help of demons. --Thew Morte (talk) 02:41, 31 July 2008 (UTC)