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The Bible and history[edit]

This section concerns comments about the The Bible and history entry.

Jehovah 1[edit]

This section concerns comments about the Jehovah 1 entry.

Staff of Jesus[edit]

This section concerns comments about the Bachal Isu entry.

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Concerning the relation between Bachal Isu and the "Rod of Rule", at this point I figure it is probably pure invention. However, I still don't understand how someone could just make that up and post it on wikipedia. It must have some source somewhere. Sources on Bachal isu itself are not easy to come by, so I think the person who wrote the article, who seems knowledgeable, maybe can help us figure where this story came from. UnHoly 17:23, 3 August 2005 (UTC)

I don't know about that: the person did say "out of pure speculation" himself/herself. I looked through numerous sources and the only pages that suggest they're related are clones of the earlier Wikipedia article. Furthermore, as far as I know, the staff (of Jesus) wasn't revered as granting mystic powers to its owner--the Rod of Rule was supposed to have. Additionally, the person who wrote the original article suggested they were the same object, which is extremely unlikely because the Rod Of Rule was (a) attributed only to Greek mythological figures, and (b) supposed to have existed nine centuries before Christ. The stories of both object don't really parallel aside from their being owned by famous people. The same goes for the staff of Moses that was mentioned in a later version of the article: the staff of Moses was supposed to have been destroyed long before Jesus was supposed to have been around--its destruction was recorded in the Torah. Trent Glass
There are many mythological links between Greek/Roman artefacts and the British Isles: just look at which links King David to Irish, Scottish and British royal families. Most of these stories have some links to Joseph of Arimathea and, unsurprisingly, the Holy Grail. Do not worry, I will not put anything on the article unless I have some sources. UnHoly 23:37, 4 August 2005 (UTC)
I did more searching, and the "Rod of Rule" brings up such little results, I suspect that's not even the correct name. Agamemnon was supposed to have had it, but when I look on Google for his name and "rod of rule" I only get Wikipedia and clones of it as results.
I have been searching now, and "scepter" seems to be the key word. I suppose we could add a "Possible Origins" section?