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Hello! If you're here, it means I probably gave you the link or you saw it on my sandbox page. Are you interested in working on this article, too? Below is the outline of tasks to do for it and what I think the article should end up looking like. Feel free to edit the article in the sandbox (I think you can do that, right?) and leave comments here for discussion. I plan to continue working on this very soon! vernajast|is super serial 15:20, 15 July 2011 (UTC)  

  Things left to do in this article:

  • Character list (major ones only, brief descriptions).
  • Manga Chapter list (?? is this necessary? See Nabari no Ou for example?).
  • When was it completed? Update infobox.
  • Reword the lead, make sure lead info reappears in the body somewhere (a media section? see Nabari no Ou for example).
  • Image.
  • Make sure genres are valid genres for anime/manga articles on Wikipedia.
  • IS it licensed in US? I don't think so, but this needs source and confirmation.
  • Is it hentai or not? Is ecchi exactly the same as hentai? Hm...
  • Plot needs summarizing/outlining.

vernajast|is super serial 16:55, 12 March 2010 (UTC)