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Hello World Can you please Help me track down me my Surname Ore I have doing research on my Name and where is really came from. To what i have found so far its was spelt like so in the years gone by first it started out as follows.

1) Orri meaning black Bird 2) Orre 3) Ore 4) Orr 5) Or

Over the years this was written like So but after checking i noticed that it also come from the old norse mean unknown to me, After more research I have came across name from Viking Times so i am wondering if there is more connections. Not Only That the name Orri was known as Land Owners is Scotland and Ireland some of the Ore family moved to the USA and started libing their in the early 1700s but connection and locations but one such Family his son to day is Lord David John Ore moved to the USA is Location is missing and link. Unknown where abouts. The Lairds of the Family moved on so the Title is Missing. Can anyone help me for free please.

World Opportunity for you please visit my Home page to find out More. at

Any help would be most great full finding family, not only that i am looking for a Family who lived in Helmstead in the 70-80s there first names is what i know now.

The family lived in West Germany in Helmstead there mother and father first names are:

Roland and Geesala they had two Son called Tony and Thomas now Tony had 2 Twin Son is wife was an Hair dresser and they did work in the Salt mines in Germany now Thomas married a lady called Ulta her name may be spelt wrongly.last known location is a place called hemlstead west germany

So can anyone help me track down my family that is base or if you know them please email me: thank you.

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