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Welcome to Wikipedia![edit]

Dear Western Fortean,
Hello, and let me be first to welcome you to this great glorious mess we call Wikipedia.
I have created your account, and I hope you will take a few minutes to peruse a bit of reading material before you get to editing with your shiny new tools.

  • First off, you can learn the basics of editing Wikipedia at How to Edit a Page. There is a chart showing basic commands in Wikimarkup, the formatting language which Wikipedia uses, at the Cheatsheet, and you can find answers to frequently asked questions at the FAQ
  • It would also behoove you to learn about "Wikiquette"- that is which behaviors are appropriate here and which are not. You can find this information at Etiquette.
  • If you are editing Wikipedia with the screen reader JAWS, there is a page dedicated to keyboard shortcuts and other tips called Using JAWS. If you use a different screen reader or have a different disability and need assistance of any kind, make sure to drop us a line at Wikipedia Accessibility or WikiProject Accessibility to let us know how we can help you out.
  • Due to persistent misuse of the system, several features of Wikipedia have been disabled for very new users- including uploading a picture, and editing a semi-protected page. Some features, including the addition of an external link, will require the entering a CATCHPA. After four days have passed and you have made ten edits, these features will be enabled and/or you will no longer be required to enter CATCHPAs.

If you have any questions about anything at all, don't hesitate to leave me a message on my talk page. I usually respond very quickly, and if I don't know the answer... well, I'll find someone who does! You can leave a message on a talk page by clicking the "new section" tab at the top of the page. Don't forget to sign your posts with ~~~~ which substitutes your username and the time you left the message.
Have a wonderful time, and once again, WELCOME!
~~ Hi878 (Come shout at me!) 22:30, 22 September 2011 (UTC)

User Talk vs. Article Talk[edit]

Since article discussion takes place at the article Talk page, I moved your comments to Talk:Mothman. Cheers. - LuckyLouie (talk) 22:51, 22 September 2011 (UTC)