Uuyoka Combined School

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Uuyoka Combined School
Onayena Constituency
Coordinates 17°55′00″S 16°13′00″E / 17.91667°S 16.21667°E / -17.91667; 16.21667
Type Junior Secondary School
Motto Education Support Development
School district Onayena
Grades 1-10
Enrollment Hundreds of Learners per year
Color(s) Blue and Green

Uuyoka Combined School is a government school in Uuyoka village in northern Namibia. It was established during the colonial era by the community members. The first lessons took place under the Camelthorn tree (local 'Okathiya') and lessons were given by local peoples. The school covers grades 1 to 10 and a kindergarten that was inaugurated in 2010 and has about 700 students.[1]

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