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For Väsby IK's former football department, see AFC United.
Väsby IK Hockey
Vasby IK logo.png
City Sweden Upplands Väsby, Sweden
League Hockeyettan
Division East
Founded 1956
Home arena Vilundaparkens Ishall
Colors White, green, red
Head coach Sweden Mikael Karlsson

Väsby IK is a Swedish sports club based in the Stockholm suburb of Upplands Väsby, with an athletics department, a football department and a hockey department. Väsby Hockey plays in Hockeyettan, the third tier of Swedish hockey. The clubs association football department merged with FC Café Opera United in 2005 to form AFC United. In 2013, after AFC United relocated to Solna, Väsby IK once again formed their own fotball department.

At the end of the 1986–87 season, Väsby achieved one of the greatest upsets in the history of Swedish hockey by achieving promotion to the top division of Swedish ice hockey.[1] The team's time in the top league would be short however, as the team finished last in the first round of the following year's Elitserien season and were sent down to the Allsvenskan spring series after Christmas, where they failed to re-qualify for the following Elitserien season and were ultimately relegated to the second tier league.


Season Level Division Record Avg.
Notes Ref.
Position W-T-L
2009–10 Tier 3 Division 1D 6th 10–1–2–9 308 [2]
Division 1D (spring) 2nd 8–1–2–3 229
2010–11 Tier 3 Division 1D 8th 8–1–2–16 221 [2]
Division 1D continuation 6th 1–0–0–9 244
Division 1 qualifier (Group D) 5th 1–1–1–5 190 Decrease Relegated to Division 2
2011–12 Tier 4 Division 2 North (East regional) 2nd 9–0–0–5 233 [2]
Alltvåan (East regional) 2nd 14–1–0–6 292
Division 1 qualifier (Group D) 2nd 3–1–1–1 395 Increase Promoted to Division 1
2012–13 Tier 3 Division 1D 5th 11–2–1–13 226 [3]
Division 1D continuation 2nd 9–1–1–4 194 [4]
2013–14 Tier 3 Division 1D 6th 10–1–1–15 268 [5]
Division 1D continuation 2nd 7–3–3–2 210 [6]

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