Vår kokbok

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SubjectBasic cooking
PublisherKooperativa förbundets provkök
Norstedts förlag
Publication date
Media typePrinted, digital, audio
  • 455 (1st edition)
  • 892 (27th edition)
  • Gourmand World, Best Bestseller 2016 (nominated)
  • Gourmand World, Best Series 2016 (nominated)
  • Gourmand World, Best Series 2017 (won)
ISBN91-29-40345-6 (10th edition)
LIBRIS-ID:2145536 (1st edition)

Vår kokbok (English: Our Cookbook) is the oldest of the three classic basic cookbooks in Sweden, the other two being Rutiga Kokboken and Bonniers Kokbok, and was first published in 1951 by KF:s Provkök.[1][2] It was in 2012 Sweden's most sold cookbook, with 2.1 million copies sold since its publication.[3]

The first edition was written by former household teacher Anna-Britt Agnsäter for KF Provkök. She initially made a "crisis book" about how to cook during food rationing, which was about to be printed. But during an inspiring trip to USA she telegraphed home to stop the presses.[1]

The new iteration was a more pedagogic, scientific, and easy to use cookbook that contained clearer information and exact details about how to cook each dish. It did away with old vague measuring units like "coffee cup" and "pinch" which was replaced with liters, deciliters, and milliliters.[1] It was the first Swedish cookbook to use the four piece measurement kit and the meat thermometer in their recipes. It have always advocated an ascetic and rational consumption behavior. The motives have changed over time, from effectiveness to healthy to environmentally friendly, but the endpoint have remained the same.[4]

Vår kokbok is revised about every three years, with a lighter and more heavy revision done alternately. It have been described as a lexicon that young adults are gifted when they move away from home, which are then kept and used long past it falls apart.[2] In 2017 Norstedts Förlag published their 27th edition of Vår kokbok. In 2015 they also published Vår kokbok vegan.[5] In 2016 Vår kokbok was nominated by Gourmand World in the two categories "best bestseller" and "best series".[6] In 2017 the publisher Coop-Norstedts won the Gourmand World Cookbook's "best series" award for the vegetarian version Vår gröna kokbok.[7]


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