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Vårberg (literally: Spring Mountain) is a suburb of Stockholm, in Skärholmen borough in the South Stockholm region. It borders Skärholmen, Vårby gård, Huddinge, Estbröte, Kungshatt, and Ekerö. It has an area of 197 hectares of land and 65 hectares of water. Its population is 8,454 as of 31 December 2007.[1] Vårberg contains the highest natural point in Stockholm, Vikingaberget, which is 77.24 meters above sea level. Vårberg also contains Vårbergstoppen, an artificial hill which was built from spoil from the excavation the Stockholm metro and which at 90 meters above sea level is the highest point of land in Stockholm.


Vårberg dates from the 17th century, and was incorporated into Stockholm on January 1, 1963.

Vårberg has a station (Vårberg metro station) on the Stockholm Metro (Swedish: Stockholms tunnelbana), on line 13 between Vårby gård metro station and Skärholmen metro station.

Vårberg subway station


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Coordinates: 59°16′33.25″N 17°53′23.81″E / 59.2759028°N 17.8899472°E / 59.2759028; 17.8899472

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