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IndustryUPVC Profiles & Sheet Systems
FounderHeinrich Laumann
Area served
ProductsUPVC Windows & Doors Profile Systems
ServicesWindows & Doors consulting services and solutions

VEKA AG of Germany is the world's largest extruder of uPVC profiles used for windows and doors.[1] The company started its operations in 1969 as a manufacturer of shutters[1] in Sendenhorst, Germany[2] and has its own extrusion facilities in 12 countries (the United States, Russia, Poland, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, China, India, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Chile)[3] and representative offices in more than 40 countries across the world, including the United Arab Emirates[4] and India.


VEKA was founded in 1967 as Vekaplast, producing roller shutters in a fifteen thousand square foot rented facility. Two years later, one of the original employees, Heinrich Laumann purchased the company and began designing window systems, the first of which were unveiled in 1971.

Six years later, VEKA was able to build a manufacturing site. Today, in addition to this first facility, ten other sister facilities operate in eight countries on three continents.


1969 Heinrich Laumann takes over VEKAPLAST. With 8 staff, the regional company produces roller shutters and construction profiles reaching an annual turnover of 1.7 million DM.

1970 Heinrich Laumann and his team prepare for the production of window profiles. In close cooperation with window fabricators the first VEKA window system is developed.

1971 The production area is extended and window profile extrusion begins. The PVC window market share is about 10%

1974 Front door and sliding door systems are added to the product range. The production capacity limits are reached, hence VEKAPLAST purchases a 115,000 m2 industrial site in Sendenhorst for a new extrusion factory.

1977 After completion of the 1st building phase, the new 10,500 m² factory is taken into operation at the start of the year. The turnover this year was 30 million DM.

1979 The annual turnover amounts to 70 million DM. The production capacities again reach their limits and the 2nd building phase is initiated to create a further 11,500 m².

1980 Due to the increasing demand for VEKA window systems (turnover 1980: ca. 100 million DM) both nationally and internationally the decision to complete the 3rd building phase of 9,500 m² is made.

1981 VEKA opens their first mixing plant in Sendenhorst.

1983 Due to the national economic and market situation no considerable increase can be expected. Hence export activities are increasingly expanded. This year subsidiaries in Spain and the USA, initially together with an American partner, are founded.

1984 The newly established subsidiary in France quickly becomes the French market leader.

1985 VEKAPLAST begins manufacturing PVC sheets. These find wide use in a number of branches such as construction, industrial and advertising.

1986 VEKA acquires the Belgian sheet manufacturer, Isoblec, in Battice. The partner shares of the VEKA subsidiary in Spain are absorbed. VEKA UK starts production in Great Britain. A new administration building is constructed in Sendenhorst. The total turnover for this year is a staggering 212 million DM.

1987 In France the new factory in Thonon-les-Bains is taken into operation.

1988 VEKAPLAST Sendenhorst takes over the shares of the American partner, so that VEKAPLAST USA becomes a 100% subsidiary.At the end of the year the Belgian companies Azotherm and ACE are acquired, both PVC and PE foils manufactures.In Sendenhorst the factory is expanded by a powerful mixing plant and a production hall for further sheet extruders.

1990 The company is transformed into a corporation under the name of VEKA GmbH. Sales amount to 454 million DM.

1991 The VEKA Umwelttechnik GmbH is founded in Behringen, Thüringen. The founding stone for the first branch specific recycling factory is laid.

1992 VEKA GmbH becomes a public limited company. This new legal form creates the necessary structure for the further expansion into international markets. The shares remain in the possession of the Laumann family and annual sales rise to 552 million DM.The VEKA AG is the first company in its branch to receive DIN ISO 9001 certification and thereby confirms their image as quality product supplier.

1993 On premises covering 120,000 m2, the most advanced European recycling plant is put into operation. The investment volume is ca. 30 million DM.The subsidiary VEKA West, Inc. is founded in Reno, USA. At the same time VEKA Holdings Inc. is founded, combining the business activities of the two American subsidiaries.Meanwhile the VEKA AG employs over 1,500 staff worldwide and achieves a sales volume of about 610 million DM.

1994 Foundation of the VEKA Polska Sp. z.o.o. in summer ‘94.The construction of a new extrusion factory is started in Reno USA. The start up is scheduled for next year.A joint venture is started in the Republic of China together with a Chinese partner. The VEKA AG has a share of 75 %.

1995 A sales office is established in Singapore to support the Southeast Asian markets of Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam.

1996 The former CIS markets are able to be serviced through the newly established sales office in Moscow.Total sales of the VEKA group amount to 763 million DM, with a total of 1,864 employees.

1997 Elke and Andreas Hartleif (Heinrich and Rita Laumann's daughter and son-in-law) join their parent's company to assume executive HR and Group Planning roles.VEKA Umwelttechnik is the first firm specialising in the disposal of PVC windows to be certified by the Technischer Überwachungsverein (TÜV) thus ensuring recycling which is 100% environmentally-friendly and in accordance with recycling regulations.

1998 The Moscow based subsidiary "000 VEKA RUS" is established and the Chinese subsidiary relocates from Jinan to Shanghai. The ACE foiling subsidiary is sold.

1999 Together with 2,200 guests from 37 countries VEKA celebrates the company's 30th anniversary. Heinrich Laumann receives honorary citizenship from the city of Sendenhorst and is also decorated by the Federal Republic of Germany for his entrepreneurial performance.VEKA is the first Western profile fabricator to open a production site in Moscow. Two new subsidiaries are established: VEKA Plastics (Singapore) charged with co-ordinating business in the Southeast Asia region and VEKA Latina S.A., Buenos Aires, responsible for covering the South American markets.

2000 Heinrich Laumann steps down from his Board of Director position to assume chairmanship of the Supervisory Board. Hubert Hecker was named the new chairman of the Board of Directors. After 30 years of "VEKA history" the Managing Director Technology, Eugen Schlüter enters retirement.The subsidiaries: VEKA România S.R.L. (Bukarest), VEKA México (Monterrey) and VEKA do Brasil (Florianopolis) are established. The VEKA Group turnover amounts to 517.8 million EURO, hence exceeding the 1 billion DM threshold for the first time.

2001 Dr. Werner Schuler takes over the Board position: Managing Director Technology.

2002 VEKA Holdings Inc. (USA) takes over the Canadian extruder, Berlinex (Edmonton) and transforms the company into VEKA Canada Holdings Comp.. The VEKA Plastics Co. Ltd. in Bangkok is founded as sales office for the market in Thailand.

2003 Founding of the sales company VEKA India Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai. The new "System Technikum" is taken into operation at the VEKA head office in Sendenhorst.

2004 VEKA opens its new customer centre in Sendenhorst. In October VEKA AG is awarded the economy price "Trophée International de l‘Industrie" by the renowned Institut International de Promotion et de Prestige. Now, VEKA ranks among such illustrious names as Microsoft, IBM, Mannesmann or Porsche all of which had been awarded the same prize.

2005 . Again, this year shows that the foreign business is increasingly gaining in importance to VEKA AG: • Opening ceremony VEKA România • Opening of the VEKA magazine in Chile • Begin of extrusion works at VEKA do Brasil • Foundation of VEKA Plastics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd manufacturing company • 20 years VEKA S.A.S in France

2006 VEKA AG's activities in the US American market are enlarged thanks to the foundation of VEKA South. The southern States of the US as well as Central America and the Caribbean are now served from Terrell.Almost at the same time, a new affiliate, TOV VEKA Ukraine, is founded in the Ukraine. Before production will start here in 2007, a new storehouse will be set up. Also during that year, extrusion works in the Malaysian affiliate are taken up. The affiliates in Great Britain and Spain celebrate their 20th anniversary while it is the 10th anniversary of the Chinese plant.Now, VEKA is represented also on the Iranian market through its sales office.VEKA Umwelttechnik GmbH, an affiliate of VEKA AG was successful in entering foreign markets. Also in that year, the French recycling plant AWEGO Plast SAS becomes an affiliate of VEKA UT.

2007 VEKA Umwelttechnik is developing its leading role in Europe as one of the biggest recycling enterprises specialised in uPVC window and door recycling. After the takeover of a French recycling plant last year, the acquisition of English recycling facilities Cylinder Plastics, which will operate under the name of VEKA Recycling Ltd. marks a further cornerstone in the development.The activities in Iran have been expanded through the founding of a local subsidiary.


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