VII District, Turku

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The VII District on a map of Turku.

The VII District is one of the central districts of Turku, Finland. It is located on the west side of the river Aura, between Aurakatu and Puistokatu. Like the neighbouring VI District, it forms part of the city's central business district. The two districts combined host a large proportion of the city's business life, particularly around the Market Square (Kauppatori, part of the VI District). Turku City Hall is located in the VII District, as well as the Turku Central Railway Station.

The district has a population of 8,749 (as of 2004), making it the third largest district in Turku. Its annual population growth rate is 0.46%. 5.06% of the district's population are under 15 years old, while 22.53% are over 65. The district's linguistic makeup is 89.04% Finnish, 8.66% Swedish, and 2.30% other.

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Streetmap of the VII district

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Coordinates: 60°27′00″N 22°15′30″E / 60.45000°N 22.25833°E / 60.45000; 22.25833