VII Iowa International Piano Competition

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The VII Iowa Piano Competition took place in Sioux City, Iowa, on March 7, 8 and 9th, 2013. Originally started as an annual event in 2005, the Iowa Piano Competition is, since 2011, held every two years. Competitors range in age from 18 to 35 years old. Applications from all over the world were submitted by the competitors (CD recording of their playing) and judged by a preliminary judging panel. 12 pianists were selected (as were 7 alternates), and were invited for the three live stages at Sioux City's famed Orpheum Theatre. The first round consisted of a solo recital. The second round consisted of a chamber music performance with members of the Rawlins Piano Trio, violinist Eunho Kim and cellist Marie-Elaine Gagnon. The final round consisted of a performance of a Beethoven concerto with the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ryan Haskins. The competition awarded a total of $14,000 in prize money.



    • FIRST PRIZE ------ Canada Wayne Weng
    • SECOND PRIZE ------------- Spain Josu De Solaun Soto
    • THIRD PRIZE ---------------- USA Julia Siciliano
    • Fourth prize ------- China Shen Lu
    • Fifth prize ----------------------- South Korea Jee In Hwang
    • Sixth prize ----------------------- Taiwan Emily Chiang

Competition Results (by Rounds)[edit]

First Round (Solo Round)[edit]

    • China Moye Chen
    • Taiwan Emily Chiang
    • Malaysia Hui Shan Chin
    • USA Jennifer Chu
    • Spain Josu De Solaun Soto
    • Australia Maxwell Foster
    • South Korea Jee In Hwang
    • Taiwan Hanchien Lee
    • China Lu Shen
    • USA Julia Siciliano
    • Canada Wayne Weng
    • China Xixi Zhou

Second Round (Chamber Music Round)[edit]

Trio performances with Rawlins Trio members Eunho Kim, violinist and Marie-Elaine Gagnon, cellist

Final Round (Concerto Round)[edit]

    • Canada Wayne Weng --- Ludwig van Beethoven: Concerto for piano and orchestra nº5
    • Spain Josu de Solaun Soto --- Ludwig van Beethoven: Concerto for piano and orchestra nº3
    • USA Julia Siciliano' --- Ludwig van Beethoven: Concerto for piano and orchestra nº4

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Sioux City Symphony Orchestra. Ryan Haskins, conductor.



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