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Illbruck Challenge in Kiel during 2001–2002 Volvo Ocean Race
Illbruck Challenge in Kiel during 2001–2002 Volvo Ocean Race
Team SEB, Team Tyco and News Corp in Kiel during 2001–2002 Volvo Ocean Race

The Whitbread 60 (W60) or Volvo Ocean 60 (VO60) was a box rule that was devised to govern the 10 smaller yachts which took part the 1993–94 Whitbread Round the World Race.[1] They were raced with such success that the following race was restricted to the Whitbread 60 class only. The class was used for the last time in the 2001–02 Volvo Ocean Race, after which it was replaced by the sophisticated, canting keel Volvo Open 70 box rule.[1]

Comparison of Ocean 60 and Open 70[2][edit]

Ocean 60 Open 70
Overall Length: 19.50 m (64 ft) 21.50 m (71 ft)
Beam: 5.25 m (17 ft) 5.70 m (19 ft)
Draught: 3.75 m (12 ft) 4.50 m (15 ft)
Air Draught: 26.00 m (85 ft) 31.50 m (103 ft)
Displacement: 13,500 kg (29,762 lb) 14,000 kg (30,865 lb)


There were 28 Volvo Ocean 60s built for three runs of the race.

Whitbread 60s/Volvo Ocean 60s
1993-1994 1997-1998 2001-2002
Brooksfield America's Challenge Amer Sports One
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing Brunel Sunergy Amer Sports Too
Hetman Sahaidachny Chessie Racing Assa Abloy
Galicia '93 Pescanova EF Education Djuice Dragons
Intrum Justitia EF Language Illbruck Challenge
Reebok/Dolphin & Youth Innovation Kvaerner Team News Corp
Tokio Merit Cup Team SEB
Odessa Silk Cut Team Tyco
Winston Swedish Match
Yamaha Toshiba


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