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Birth nameSamir Ghising
Also known asVTEN
BornMay 5, 1996
Rautahat, Nepal
OriginRautahat, Nepal
GenresRap, Nepalese hip hop (NepHop)
Occupation(s)Rapper, actor, singer
Years active2014 - Ongoing
LabelsTrap Nepal

Samir Ghising, better known by his stage name VTEN, is a Nepalese rapper, lyricist and music producer.[1][2]

Early life[edit]

Born in Rautahat, in Ghising family with father Kalil Babu Lama, mother Hema Lama and two sisters Selin and Simron. Ghising worked as carpenter with his father, learning to make cupboards, doors, and windows from wood. As a teenager, Ghising moved to Kathmandu to study in high school, and also and started painting Thankas with his uncle. In interviews, Ghising has said he became passionate about rapping while painting Thankas, but began to have difficulty juggling that job with his expanding rap career. Ghising spent most of his pre-fame days living with his friends and writing rap songs.[1]


Ghising made his way into the rap industry by impressing many with his talent in rapping. His songs have been applauded for their realism, relatability to the struggle of young people in Nepal, and potent and exceptional self-expression of feelings. He is the first Nepali solo artist to hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube.[3] He gained popularity from his hit lists such as Churot, Hami Yastai ta Honi Bro, Sim Sime Pani, Himmat, Cypher, Kathaa, Manche Khattam and so on.


Ghising has toured in South Korea,[4] Australia, Japan, UK, UAE, Bhutan, Sikkim (India), Kalimpong (India), Hong Kong, Qatar, and Thailand.


In 2019, Ghising's song Yestai ta ho ni was dragged into controversy, and he faced police charges for using anti-social language. In 2020 he was kept in police custody for seven days for the same reason. Later, he apologized to the Nepal police and was released.[5] In 2021, his song Para was removed for using hateful speech towards police.[6]


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