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Vainikkala railway station (2006)

Vainikkala is a small village in Lappeenranta South Karelia, Eastern Finland. Vainikkala is known to most people as a border town between Finland and Russia.[1] All passenger trains between Finland and Russia stop at Vainikkala border post. The distance between Lappeenranta and Vainikkala is about 30 kilometres (19 mi). The population of Vainikkala is 400. The Finnish railways and Finnish customs are the biggest employers in Vainikkala.

Lee Harvey Oswald entered the USSR through Vainikkala and his passport displays a stamp of the city's name (seen on PBS Frontline episode.)

Coordinates: 60°51′58″N 28°17′59″E / 60.86611°N 28.29972°E / 60.86611; 28.29972