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The lagoon at Valaichchennai
The lagoon at Valaichchennai
Valaichchenai is located in Sri Lanka
Coordinates: 7°55′10″N 81°31′53″E / 7.91944°N 81.53139°E / 7.91944; 81.53139
Country Sri Lanka
Province Eastern
District Batticaloa
DS Division Koralai Pattu

Valaichchenai is a town in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. It could also be spelled as Valaichenai. The world-famous Pasikudah Beach is located about 3 km east of Valaichenai along the Indian Ocean. Pasikudah beach is famous for shallow and calm sea water.


Valaichchenai has both Tamil and Muslim communities. Tamil and Muslim people are living east and west of the Valaichenai Main Street, respectively. As the name suggests there were banana, coconut and paddy plantations which provided the main income along with some fishing. This was changed with the establishment of the paper manufacturing plant which is now on a very low profile. Right now it is on the way of development as there is a new bridge was built up and the A1 way to Colombo is renewed. now the people of this village are very eager to find a new revolution.


It has a railway station on the Broad gauge system of Sri Lanka Government Railway.


There are several schools in Valaichenai including:

  • Valaichchenai Hindu College
  • Peththelai Vipulananda Vidiyalayam
  • An-Noor National School
  • Aysha Mahalir Maha Vidyalayam
  • Vani Vidyalayam
  • Karuwakerni Vigneswara Vidyalayam
  • Vinayagaapuram Vinayagar Vidyalayam
  • Sri Krishna School

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Coordinates: 7°55′10″N 81°31′53″E / 7.91944°N 81.53139°E / 7.91944; 81.53139