Valensia (album)

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Valensia (also known as "Gaia")
Studio album by Valensia
Released 1993
Genre New-age
Length 47:49
Label Mercury
Producer John Sonneveld, Pim Koopman
Valensia chronology
The White Album

Valensia (released in Japan as Gaia) is a 1993 album by Dutch singer Valensia. It is Valensia's debut album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Tere"
  2. "The Sun"
  3. "Scaraboushka"
  4. "Nathalie"
  5. "Tango Tamara"
  6. "T'Kylah II"
  7. "T'kylah"
  8. "Megalomania"
  9. "My Heart Is In Your Hands"
  10. "Mr. 1999"
  11. "Gaia"
  12. "1997"