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Valentim Fernandes (died 1518 or 1519) was a printer who lived in Portugal. An ethnic German originally from Moravia, he moved to Lisbon, Portugal in 1495 where he lived and worked for 23 years, he was a writer and a translation of different classic texts .[1] He produced prints on the orders of Leonor of Viseu and worked on the book Vita Christi.[1]

His 1506-1507 Descripcam described how camel caravans carried Saharan salt from Oualata to Timbuktu, and then onto Djenne. Their the salt was exchanged with the Soninke Wangara for gold.[2]

He died in Lisbon in 1518 or 1519.

He work with different intellectuals and artists, one of them were Albrecht Dürer, Hieronymus Münzer and Mathias Ringmann (better known as Philesius Vogesigena who was a translator), particularly the last geographer who sent to Germany (which was part of the Holy Roman Empire) the news of the Portuguese discoveries.

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