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Valentine diner on old Route 66 in Valentine, Arizona

A Valentine Diner was a prefabricated mail order small diner produced in Wichita, Kansas after the Great Depression.[1] The concept was created by Arthur Valentine in the 1930s, who had experience operating lunch rooms.[2] Originally the diners were manufactured by the Ablah Hotel Supply Company.

In 1947, manufacturing was taken over by the Valentine Manufacturing Company.[3] After World War II and the implementation of the Interstate Highway System in the U.S. in the late 1950s, prefabricated diners saw a boom in business as motorists took to the roads in greater numbers for longer journeys and would stop for a meal.[4] Valentine Diners were produced until the 1970s, and several survive as operating business (sometimes as a restaurant, sometimes as other businesses) around the United States today. A few such as have become historical roadside attractions, such as along historic Route 66.[5]

At least twelve different Valentine Diners styles were produced.[6] Diners can be identified by either their wall safe, which will have a Valentine logo (a heart with an arrow through it), or the Valentine diner steel serial number plate, which has the word “Valentine” written on it.


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