Valeriy Ivanovich Tereshchenko

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Valeriy Ivanovich Tereshchenko (Valery John Tereshtenko)
Valeriy Ivanovich Tereshchenko.jpg
Valeriy Tereshchenko — February 1988
Born 1901 (1901)
Ekaterinodar, Russia
Died September 28, 1994 (1994-09-29) (aged 92)
Kiev, Ukraine
Occupation American & soviet academic

Valeriy Ivanovich Tereshchenko, see also Tereshtenko, Valery John (June 13[26], 1901 – September 28, 1994) was a scientist in the field of management. Born June 13[26], 1901 in Ekaterinodar (now – Krasnodar, Russia), the son of deputy district judge. In Ekaterinodar he graduated from high school and conservatory, and in Prague graduated from Department of Economics of the Czech Technical University and Institute for Agricultural Cooperation, where he taught for some time. In 1930 moved to the United States, is graduated from Columbia University in New York. Later he became a professor at the university, where he taught, including management course. He was vice-president of the firm, worked in the Department of Agriculture, as an counsellor of famous American businessman Roswell Garst (Iowa), and in one of Wall Street firms. In 1937, sponsored by Department of Labor organized and led a large (160 employees) research project to study world literature on cooperation, published 12 languages. The work conducted in close collaboration with Co-operative League of USA, the International Cooperative Alliance in London, the International Labour Office in Geneva and Rockefeller Committee for Relations with South America. Library of Congress assessed the materials collected by Project as ‘the most complete in the world’. Fundamental Project Edition 'Summaries of laws on cooperatives in the U.S.’ was used to revise the cooperative laws in some states. In this regard, in April 1940 Valeriy Tereshchenko was invited to Committee of the Senate on cooperative legislation. He along with employees of the Project took part in establishment economic ties between the U.S. and China. Before the end of World War II, the scientist was elected to the Executive Committee of the International Cooperative postwar reconstruction (NY). He participated in the preparation the United Nations Conferences on Food and Agriculture in Atlantic City and Hot Springs. In the 40s he was invited to organize a section on cooperative in the Latin American Institute in Boston, he was initiator of the first ever visit delegation of cooperators South America to the United States. After the Second World War V. Tereshchenko repeatedly came USSR from business trips, helped to establish trade and economic ties with U.S. In 1946 he was chief economist UNRRA in Ukraine. Returning to the Soviet Union, he has lived in Kiev since 1963. Here he worked in a number of research institutes – of Ministry of Agricultural Economics and of the Ukrainian Academy of Science, taught at the University of Kiev. He is author of over 170 books, papers and articles in periodical on the management problems, which were printed in the United States, Argentina, Bulgaria, India, Canada, Germany, Peru, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland. In 1970 in Moscow was published a reduced version of multi-volume American "Executive Leadership Course" (Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1963) edited by Valeriy Tereshchenko. He was a gifted lecturer, has done thousands of public lectures in the USA, Europe and the former Soviet Union. His recent works ‘The choice problem: policy of research priorities in the West’, ‘The science of management’ and ‘All about cooperation’, published in Kiev, was written when he was almost 90 years of age. He was awarded an honorary award by UNESCO and Honorary Diploma of the Union of Writers of Missouri (USA).

Valeriy Tereshchenko died September 28, 1994, buried in Kiev, the cemetery Baikove.

Books and publications: V.J. Tereshtenko. The problem of cooperative medicine - New York, 1940 V.J. Tereshtenko. Cooperative Education – New York, 1941 Tereshtenko, Valery John. Bibliographical review of literature on legal phases of cooperation - Washington, 1941 Valery John Tereshtenko and V. P. Timoshenko. American-Soviet Trade Relations: Past and Future & Economic Background for the Post-War International Trade of... - New York, 1945 Tereshtenko, Valery J. Industrial cooperative in the Post-War Ukraine (Published in The American Slavic and East European review; 10.1951, 1, 26-37) Tereshtenko, Valery J. Industrial cooperatives in the Ukrainian S.S.R. (Published in Annals of collective economy: international review in four editions; 22.1951, 2, 205-212)