Valyavishki Lakes

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The Big Lake.
The two highest lakes under the Dzhengal peak.

The Valyavishki Lakes (Bulgarian: Валявишки езера) is a group of lakes in the northern parts Pirin, southwestern Bulgaria and includes 10 lakes. They are amphitheatrically situated in the cirque of the same name. The lakes are glacial and lie on a granite bed. They are located between 2,300 and 2,475 m. Their shores are steep and rocky. Pine-scrub grows around the lakes due to the high altitude.

Trout is abundant in the waters. There have been attempts to introduce the Brook trout into the lakes. The higher lakes drain into the lower ones due to their step-like situation. The group is the source of the Valyavitsa river which is a main tributary to the Demyanitsa river.

The largest lake by area is the Big lake which is located at an altitude of 2379 m. It is 18 meters deep. The big lake is 270 m wide and 480 m long with an area of 81,5 decares. The lake is situated in the vicinity of the Valyavishki Chukar peak.

The Valyavishki lakes are among the main tourist attractions in the area. The closest hut is the Demyanitsa refuge at 2 hour from the lakes.

Coordinates: 41°42′36″N 23°28′59″E / 41.710°N 23.483°E / 41.710; 23.483