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Location of the Municipality of Skagafjörður
Location of the Municipality of Skagafjörður
Varmahlíð is located in Iceland
Location of the Municipality of Skagafjörður
Coordinates: 65°32′N 19°28′W / 65.533°N 19.467°W / 65.533; -19.467
Country  Iceland
Constituency[1] Northwest Constituency
Region[2] Northwestern Region
Municipality Skagafjörður
Population (January 2011)
 • Total 137
Póstnúmer 560
Website Official website
Stephan Stephansson monument at Vatnsskarð pass
View east across Skagafjörður, from Vatnsskarð pass, just south of Varmahlíð

Varmahlíð is a small village near Skagafjörður in northern Iceland.

Around 140 people live on the eastern slope of the hill for which the town is named (varmur=warm, hlíð=slope).

Varmahlíð is on the ring road Route 1, at the junction of Route 75 leading to Sauðárkrókur, about 24 km to the north. Varmahlíð is in the middle of a flourishing agricultural area, where the Icelandic horse has been treasured for centuries. One of the main industries is horse-rearing. The area has an abundance of geothermal hot water. Hence Varmahlíð has a number of greenhouses with tropical and sub-tropical fruits and vegetables.[3]

Varmahlið stands high on the western side of a valley, at the crossroads at the foot of Vatnsskarð pass. Near Varmahlíð stands the turf roofed church at Víðimýri, built in 1834, which has a magnificent altarpiece dating from 1727. The monument to Icelandic poet Stephan Stephansson is located at Vatnsskarð pass.

Miðgarður, a concert hall, can be found at Varmahlið. One of Iceland's most famous men's choirs, Karlakórinn Heimir, is based there.


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Coordinates: 65°33′09″N 19°26′42″W / 65.5525°N 19.4449°W / 65.5525; -19.4449