Varya Akulova

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Varya Akulova
Born (1992-01-10) 10 January 1992 (age 23)
Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine
Occupation Circus performer, strongwoman

Varvara "Varya" Yurevna Akulova (Russian: Варва́ра (Ва́ря) Ю́рьевна Аку́лова), born 10 January 1992 in Kryvyi Rih), daughter of circus performers Yuriy Akulov and Larisa Akulova and referred to as "The Strongest Girl In The World", was capable of lifting up to 48 stone (300 kg),[1] over four times her bodyweight in 2006. In 2000, she weighed 40 kg and could lift 220 pounds (100 kg).[2] She has been in the Guinness Book of World Records.[3]

Akulova, while living with her parents in Kryvyi Rih, performed in an acrobatic act with them in a circus.[3]


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