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Vata may refer to:



In religion[edit]

  • Vāta, another name for Vāyu, Hindu deity, lord of the winds, father of Bhima
  • A particular Zoroastrian divinity, one half of the pair Vata-Vayu

Other uses[edit]

  • Vata, Sanskrit word for the Banyan tree
  • A dialect of the Dida language spoken in Ivory Coast
  • Vata (genus), a genus of ground beetle in the family Carabidae
  • Vata pagan uprising, a Hungarian rebellion in 1046
  • Vata, plural of Vatnik (slang), used in Russia and Ukraine to denote individuals with pro-Russian jingoist or chauvinist views
  • Vata, one of the three elemental substances, or doshas, of the Ayurveda discipline of traditional medicine