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Seshayya sastri.jpg
A. Seshayya Sastri
Regions with significant populations
Chola Nadu region of Tamil Nadu, Chennai
Brahmin Tamil
Related ethnic groups
Iyer, Tamil people

Vathima are Iyers from Tamil Nadu, India. They are Pancha Dravida Brahmins of the Smarta Tradition who follow the Advaita Vedanta propounded by Adi Shankara.[1]

Geographical distribution[edit]

Due to their geographic concentration, it is noted that they tended to be isolated and had an insular culture.[2] As a result, they also tended to be very late in their adoption of the English language and of western culture in general.[citation needed] The insular culture and resultant intermarriage can result in a high degree of consanguinity amongst Vathimas.[3]

Historical Occupation[edit]

In ancient times, the most prevalent profession among the Vathimas was moneylending. Vathima women tended to work as well, either in farming, mat making or moneylending.[citation needed] They were also known for their scholarship in classical Hindu literature.[4]


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