Vaughan Penn

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Vaughan Penn
Genres Indie
Labels Meepers Music Records
Associated acts Chynna & Vaughan
Vaughan and The Boomers

Vaughan Penn is an American singer/songwriter from North Carolina who has had over 100 major television and film placements featuring 35 different songs on shows such as


She has released four indie CDs on Meepers Music Records:

  • Somebody Besides Yourself (2007)
  • Angels Fly (2005)
  • Transcendence (2003)
  • Over My Head (2001)

Other works[edit]

She was in a Contemporary Christian duo with Chynna Phillips (Wilson Phillips)called Chynna & Vaughan (Provident/Reunion Records).

She also performs with a band called Vaughan and The Boomers[2]