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Vehicular combat games (also known as just vehicular combat or car combat) are typically video or computer games where the primary objectives of gameplay includes vehicles, usually armed with machine guns, missiles, molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, hand grenades, and other improvised weapons, attempting to destroy vehicles controlled by the CPU or by opposing players. The genre normally features a variety of different vehicles available for play, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and special attack abilities. Players may also unlock hidden vehicles by completing certain in-game tasks. Traditionally, vehicular combat games focus on fast-paced action inside the vehicle, rarely, if ever, concerning themselves with role-playing or other elements. Games may include racing themes, but they are generally secondary to the action.[1]


Vehicular combat games normally follow a simple play pattern; the player must defeat increasing numbers of increasingly skilled enemies, often in increasingly complex battlefields, before facing off against a final, super-powerful, boss character. Vehicular combat games differ from traditional racing games both in the combat aspect and in the general lack of any set path for players to follow, instead allowing them to explore each level at their leisure. The complexity and strategy required to complete games vary, from the careful resource maintenance and intense story-driven plotlines of the Interstate '76 series to straightforward smashups like World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Crush Hour. Often the primary plot will involve a contest or competition of some sort, encouraging the various characters to fight and destroy one another to obtain a reward. The Twisted Metal has been attributed as the first "true" vehicular combat game, without cartoony graphics as seen in kart racing games.[2]



Year Name Platforms Style
2005 187 Ride or Die PS2, Xbox
2006 Auto Assault Windows 3rd person view, MMO
2011 Armageddon Riders Windows, PS3
2011 Post Apocalyptic Mayhem Windows
1985 Autoduel
2016 Auto Warriors[3] iOS Turn-based
2002 Bandits: Phoenix Rising post-apocalyptic
2015 Batman Arkham Knight Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Action-Adventure
2010 Blood Drive PS3, XB360
2010 Blur[4] Windows, PS3, XB360
1982 Bump 'n' Jump
2001 Burnout (series)[4][5] Arcade Racing
1997, 1998, 2014 Carmageddon series[6] DOS, Windows, Mac, PS1, N64, GBA, iOS, Android Open world, graphic violence
1988 Chase H.Q.[4]
2005 Crash Tag Team Racing[5]
2001, 2002 Cel Damage GameCube, Xbox, PS2 cartoon
2002 Command & Conquer: Renegade
1993 Crash 'n Burn
2006 Crashday
1976 Crashing Race[7]
2007 Darkwind: War on Wheels
1976, 1990 Death Race Arcade
1996, 2009, 2012 Death Rally DOS, iOS, Android Top-down view, arcade
1989 Deathtrack
1995, 96 Destruction Derby series DOS, PS1, Sega Saturn, N64
2012 DiRT: Showdown Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
2012 Final Run iOS
2005 Fired Up
2004, 2006, 2007 FlatOut series Windows, Xbox, XB360, PS2, PSP, Wii
2006 Full Auto
2006, 2007 Full Auto 2: Battlelines PS3, PSP
2012 Gas Guzzlers Extreme Windows
2006 Hard Truck: Apocalypse post-apocalyptic
2016 Hardware: Rivals PS4
2009 Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Wii, NDS
1997 Interstate '76[2]
1999 Interstate '82
2005 Jak X: Combat Racing[7]
1989, 1990 Knight Rider NES
1999 Lego Racers
2001, 2002 Lego Racers 2
2012 LittleBigPlanet Karting PS3
1992 Lucky & Wild
2015 Mad Max Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 post-apocalyptic
1992–2014 Mario Kart[5] SNES, N64, GBA, NGC, DS, Wii, 3DS, Wii U, Arcade[7]
2004 Mashed series
1994 MegaRace
1996 MegaRace 2
2002 MegaRace 3
2010 ModNation Racers PS3, PSP cartoon
1982 Moon Patrol
2001 Motor Mayhem
2000 Nascar Heat[4] PS
1996 Necrodome
2010 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Windows, PS3, Wii, XB360, iOS, Android, webOS, Windows Phone, Java ME
2013 Need for Speed: Rivals Windows, PS3, XB360, XBOne, PS4
2006 Novadrome
1992, 1993 Outlander Sega Genesis, SNES
2005, 2006 Pursuit Force PSP
2007, 2008 Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice PSP
1994 Quarantine 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, MS-DOS, DOS, IBM PC compatible dystopian armed cab-driving
2011 Rage Windows, PS3, XB360, MacOS FPS game
1980 Rally-X
1981 New Rally-X
1998 Red Asphalt
1999, 2000 Red Dog Dreamcast
1999 Redline
1999 Re-Volt RC cars
2012 Ridge Racer Unbounded PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
1987 RoadBlasters[4]
2003 RoadKill PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube
1993 Rock n' Roll Racing[4] Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, Game Boy Advance, Windows
1998 Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012
1999 Rollcage
1998 S.C.A.R.S
1999, 2000 San Francisco Rush 2049 Arcade, N64, Game Boy Color, Dreamcast
2010 Split Second: Velocity Windows, PS3, XB360, iOS, Java ME, PSP
1983 Spy Hunter series[2][4]
2003 Starsky & Hutch
2007 Swypeout
1997 Streets of SimCity
1999 Toy Commander
1995 Twisted Metal[2][5] PlayStation
1996 Twisted Metal 2 PlayStation
1998 Twisted Metal III PlayStation
1999 Twisted Metal 4 PlayStation
2001 Twisted Metal: Black PlayStation 2
2001 Twisted Metal: Small Brawl PlayStation
2005 Twisted Metal: Head-On PlayStation Portable
2012 Twisted Metal PlayStation 3
1999 Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense PlayStation, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64
1998 Vigilante 8 PlayStation, Nintendo 64
2007 Vigilante 8 Arcade
2000 Grudge Warriors PS1
2003 World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Crush Hour
2009 Wheelman Windows, PS3, XB360
2009 Zombie Driver Windows, PS3, XB360, Android


This subgenre of vehicular combat involves mech robots, or mecha, as the vehicle for combat.[citation needed] For most mech games, they are played in either first-person or third-person view style. Other games are based on popular Anime TV shows such as the various Gundam series, Robotech, and Evangelion. Also, games with a mech theme are featured in RPG games such as Xenosaga and the Front Mission series.

Kart racers with battle modes[edit]

Battle modes for kart racing games are deathmatch battles influenced by the characters, go-karts and weapons used in the mode. The Mario Kart series demonstrates this kind of mode in its previous installments.[7]

Mario Kart Series[edit]

Crash Kart Series[edit]

Other Kart racers with battle modes[edit]

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