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The Velveteen Lop is a breed of rabbit that is a cross between the Mini Rex and the English Lop.[1]

Velveteen Lop
  • 5-7 lbs
Lifespan5-11 years
  • Oryctolagus cuniculus


Breeder Virginia Menden began developing the breed in 1991, with the goal of creating a rabbit that had a semi-arched body shape and fur similar to that of the Mini Rex.[1] Menden named the breed after the children's story The Velveteen Rabbit.[2] The breed became eligible to be shown at ARBA sanctioned shows in February 2019, but is not currently allowed to compete for Best of Show.[3]


The Velveteen Lop's coat should feel shiny and plush to the touch. They are also very smooth. The coat can be a variety of colors, and color standards are similar to those of the English Lop. It should have a semi-arched body shape, and the chest should be full. The head should be wedge-shaped. The ears should be low on the rabbit's head, and should measure at least 14 inches from tip to tip. Healthy rabbits weigh 5-7 pounds.[1]


Velveteen Lops can live for 5-11 years.[1]


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