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The Venetian National Liberation Movement (Movimento di Liberazione Nazionale del Popolo Veneto, MLNV) is a self-proclaimed national liberation movement which seeks self-determination for the former territories of the Republic of Venice, currently divided in three Italian regions: Veneto, Lombardy and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.[1][2][3]

The MLNV was founded in September 2009 and is led by Sergio Bortotto.[1] In November 2009 the group was arrested on the charge of having built a paramilitary organization. The Italian police seized weapons and uniforms of the so-called Polisia Veneta (Venetian Police) in the headquarters of the movement in Treviso. According to the police, the group had planned to attack Luca Zaia, a member of Liga VenetaLega Nord.[4] In December 2011, Constitutional Court of Italy ruled that a law that abolished a ban on the formation of paramilitary forces was in accordance with the Constitution of Italy, which meant MLNV could no longer be prosecuted for forming a paramilitary force.[5]

In February 2012, MLNV organised an event in Vicenza to present their plans for Venetian nationalism movement, inviting Venetian nationalist groups to attend.[6] The convention was attended by representatives of the Antonio Guadagnini faction of Veneto State, and activist groups the Venetian Most Serene Government, the Venetian National Government, Self-Government of Venetia, Venetian State and the Friulian Front. The MLNV announced the establishment of the self-styled "Provisional Government of the Venetian Republic" (GVP)[7][8] in compliance with art. 96.3 of the Geneva Protocol I.

On 22 January 2015, the GVP signed an agreement recognizing Donetsk People's Republic.[9] On 25 August 2015, the foreign ministry of the Donetsk People's Republic sent a diplomatic note expressing "respect and interest in the development of equal relations and bilateral cooperations" with the GVP.[10][11]



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