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Ve Plus TV
Type Cable Television Network
Country Venezuela
Availability Latin America
Slogan "Tu canal de Novelas y Entretenimiento" (English:Your Novels and Entertainment channel)
Owner Gustavo Cisneros
(Grupo Cisneros)
Key people
Carlos Bardasano, Venevisión Continental President
José Ramón de la Cotera, General Manager
Cosme López, Director of Operations and Engineering
Launch date
August 28, 2000
Official website
Venevisión Continental

Ve Plus TV is the new name of the subscription channel Venevision Continental / Novelisima of Venezuela (subsidiary of Grupo Cisneros), retained much of the old programming and Venevision Continental and Novelisima


Born with the name Venevision Continental, a cable television station seen in National and International Venezuela, Latin America and Europe as the international signal of Venevision. It was inaugurated on August 28, 2000 and ended its broadcasts in July 2008. It was a channel offering a varied program consisting of successful entertainment programs, news, talk shows, soap operas, among other places, seeking to satisfy the needs of Spanish-speaking homes. Broadcast on DirecTV channel 774 to September 2006. The Canal belongs to Venezuela's Venevision Canal {} on the channel who shows their productions abroad.

In December 2007 the Cisneros Group decided to launch the pilot project called Venevision in Venezuela Novelisima Plus and seeing the development and the large audience reached by this in June 2008 Venevision Continental Novelisima relaunched with the name and specialize in soap operas and entertainment and Based on the international scope covered Novels Latin entertainment, talk shows, contests, eliminating concepts Opinion Humor, Politics, News Media etc ...

From Wednesday July 18, 2012 "Novelisima" and "Venevision Plus Dominicana" merged its signal to transform "Ve Plus TV"



Its programming is based on soap operas, comedy shows, competitions and Venezuelan varieties Venevision Canal as a signal to be international, but not based on politics, news, sports and opinion, but as an entertainment channel Venezuelan Latin for the world. Prior to transmitting the Noticiero Venevision, Globovision and the news News News Colombian Caracol.

Current Soap Operas[edit]

Venevision Continental[edit]

Venevision Continental as a result of that was no longer a TV channel, and became the Enterprise Unit Cable channels pay offered by the Cisneros:

Its main channels are:

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