Vera Anstey

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Vera Anstey
Vera Anstey, c. 1950
Vera Anstey, c. 1950
Born 1889 (1889)
Died 1976 (1977) (aged 87)
Occupation British economist

Vera Anstey (3 January 1889[1] – 26 November 1976[2]) was a noted British economist who worked mainly on the Indian economy.[3]

Personal life[edit]

Vera Powell was born to James Powell and Mary Sophia Higginbotham. Anstey was born Vera Powell in 1889. She died in Esher, Surrey on 26 November 1976. She was educated at Cheltenham Ladies' College and Bedford College, London, and then the London School of Economics. She graduated from the latter with first-class honours in economic history in 1913. She married a fellow student, Percy Anstey, in the same year, and in 1914 the couple moved to Bombay.[2] While the couple lived in Bombay, Vera's husband was principal of Sydenham College of Commerce.[4]

Later career[edit]

Vera Anstey returned to England after her husband's death in 1920, and joined the faculty of the London School of Economics as an assistant in 1921. She remained there until her retirement in 1964, having served as lecturer in commerce (1929), the Sir Ernest Cassel Reader in Commerce (1941), and then a part-time member of the academic staff (1954). She served as dean of the Faculty of Economics from 1950 to 1954, and as a member of the Royal Commission on the Taxation of Profits and Income from 1950 to 1955.[2]


The London School of Economics dedicated a room after her called the Vera Anstey Room (VAR).The primary use of the Vera Anstey Room is for official School committee meetings, short courses and commercial bookings.[5] In spring 2015 the room was occupied by a group of students in protest against what they saw as the School's neo-liberalisation.[citation needed]


  • The Trade of the Indian Ocean (1929)
  • The Economic Development of India (1929; 3rd edn, 1952)
  • The Growth of Modern England (with Vera Anstey) co-authored with Gilbert Slater (1939, Constable.)[6]
  • Introduction to Economics for Students in India and Pakistan (1964)[7]


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