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Vera Johnson (1920 – November 9, 2007) was a Vancouver folk singer who started provided political commentary on current events from 1949. She was famous for creating original songs on almost any topic: religion, sex, divorce, censorship, liberation, politics and family. Her song, "The Fountain", described the "hippie protests" of 1968 Vancouver.

According to her autobiographical essay, Johnson was born in 1920 and learned to sing and play music in 1949. She always viewed her music (in addition to her play and short-story writing) as a means for political change.


  • Bald Eagle (1974) - live album
  1. The Bald Eagle
  2. Homer Johnson
  3. Oh Canada
  4. You Can't Let Your Hair Hang Down
  5. A Song for Michael
  6. The Do-It-Yourself Divorce
  7. Pierre Trudeau
  8. The Word
  9. Jesus Was a Preacher
  10. Layabouts
  11. The Gentle Rain of England
  12. That Minx from Pinsk
  • That's What I Believe (1978) - live album
  1. The Oldest Swinger in Town
  2. The Fountain
  3. The Indian
  4. The Queerest Critter
  5. Coming Home
  6. The Sweetheart of Sordido V
  7. Women's Liberation Blues
  8. God's not Dead
  9. Thomas Arkinstall
  10. Mrs. Ballantyne
  11. Nagamma
  12. That's What I Believe

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