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This article is about the Veresk company. For a bridge called Veresk, see Veresk Bridge. For the Veresk sub-machine gun, see SR-2 Veresk. For the village in Iran, see Veresk, Iran.

Veresk is a major alcoholic drink producing company. It is located in Kashin, Russia in the Tver Oblast. Veresk is one of the largest alcohol producers in the Moscow Oblast and the Tver Oblast.

Veresk was founded in 1901. In 1992, it become a corporatation under the name of ОАО «Вереск» (Veresk), and in 1996 it began to be called the open stock corporation «Кашинский ликеро-водоч-ный завод «Вереск» (Veresk Liquor-Vodka Factory of Kashin).

Vladimir Georgievich Perin was one of the first leaders of the company.

In 1994, the company had 44 stores, and 3 retail locations located in Tver, Moscow Oblast, and Yaroslavl Oblast.

Today, the company produces over 40 liquor and vodka brands. Veresk is partnering with the "4P" promotion agency.


  • Bitter brewed beverage "ТВЕРСКАЯ" (Tverskaya)
  • Brewed beverage "ТВЕРСКАЯ брусничная" (Tverskaya Brusnichanya)
  • Brewed beverage "РЯБИНОВАЯ на коньяке" (Riabnovaya na konyake)
  • Brewed beverage "СМОРОДИНОВАЯ" (Smorodinaya)
  • Brewed beverage "ЧЕРЕМУХОВАЯ" (Cheremuhovaya)
  • Brewed beverage "КЛЮКВЕННАЯ" (Klyukvenaya)
  • Bitter brewed beverage "ДЖИН" (Gin)
  • Bitter brewed beverage "ВЕРЕСКОВЫЙ МЕД " (Vereskovyi Med)
  • Tonic "СТАРЫЙ КАШИН" (Staryi Kashin)
  • Vodka "МИРОВАЯ" (Mirovaya)
  • Vodka "ПРЕСТОЛЬНАЯ" (Prestolnaya)
  • Vodka "АФАНАСИЙ НИКИТИН" (Afanasii Nikitin)
  • Vodka "ХЛЕБНАЯ особая" (Hlebnaya Osobaya)
  • Vodka "ТВЕРЬ" (Tver)
  • Vodka "РУССКАЯ особая" (Ruskaya Osobaya)
  • Low alcohol cocktails
  • Mineral water "АННА КАШИНСКАЯ" (Anna Kashinskaya)
  • Cream-liqueur "СОЛО" (Solo) with cream
  • Liqueur "КОФЕЙНЫЙ" (Kofeinyi)

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