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Vernon Pérez Rubio Artee
Diputado Vernon Pérez Rubio.jpg
Local Deputy
of the Congress of Sonora
Assumed office
September 16, 2012
Preceded byCesar Augusto Marcor Ramírez
Secretary of Urban Infrastructure and Ecology
In office
July 21, 1993 – September 12, 1997
Preceded byIgnacio Cabrera Fernández
Succeeded byManuel Ibarra Legorreta
Personal details
Born (1956-02-28) February 28, 1956 (age 65)
Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico
Political partyPartido Verde Ecologista de Mexico
Alma materUniversidad de Sonora
ProfessionCivil engineer

Vernon Pérez Rubio Artee (born Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, February 28, 1956) is a Sonoran business man. At present, he is a local deputy, elected by proportional representation by the Partido Verde Ecologista de México party, in the LX Congress Legislature of the Sonora State, in which he presented the Animal Protection Law initiative, unanimously approved on May 2, 2013; as well as the School Psychologists Law initiative, unanimously approved on October 24, 2013.

Education and career[edit]

His political activity started when he was named student representative in the Sonora Institute of Technology, on a student movement context in Sonora state at the end of the sixties and beginning of the seventies. He nearly faced governmental repression when the Candidate for Governor, Carlos Armando Biebrich, visited Ciudad Obregón as part of his campaign in 1973, in an environment of student rejection against him; state agents were accused for shooting inside the ITSON campus on this events.[1] He was touched by this, influenced on his political views on the coming years. He was member of the Mexican Communist Party from 1971 to 1974, during the party's clandestine period.

As he was enrolled on the Universidad de Sonora´s civil engineering program, he steps out of political activity, and obtains his first job in 1978 as draftsman in the Secretary of the Agrarian Reform. One year after finishing his studies, in 1980, he was promoted as Coordinator of the Yaqui and Mayo Program, on the same Secretary. On 1983, he stops working for the Federal government, and hired as projector in the Sonora State Government.

Business career[edit]

He is a businessman since 1984, working as a constructor and real state developer in housing, touristic and commercial projects; since that year, he is President and Shareholder of Krane Group S.A. de C.V. This company gives consulting services for business for foreign investors in Mexico, such as: business analysis, site selection, legal consultation, construction, HR recruitment, cross-cultural training, and housing programs. In 1996 he becomes Shareholder of Edificaciones Modernas de Sonora S.A. de C.V., a housing construction company in Nogales, Sonora. Since June, 2000, he is Secretary and Shareholder of Operadora de Negocios Inmobiliarios, S.A. de C.V. He is also President and Shareholder of Inmobiliaria del Río Sonora S.A. de C.V. since October, 2002 to date, and from January, 2003 he is appointed President and Shareholder of Afel Constructores S.A. de C.V.

Political career and public service[edit]

Hermosillo County[edit]

He is appointed Chief Executive of Urban Development in the Hermosillo County in 1991, under Guatimoc Yberri's administration. This position was related with the development planification of the City of Hermosillo, activity that it will continue under other public service positions in the near future, working aside with the architect Gustavo Aguilar Beltran. During this appointment under the county's administration, he modified Hermosillo's downtown road structure, looking for enhance its efficiency in a 35%.[2]

State Government[edit]

In 1993, he was appointed Coordinator of the Commission of Goods and Concessions of the State of Sonora, position created during Manlio Fabio Beltrones state administration, for the identification of the state goods and resources and, in order to use them efficiently.[3] He leaves that position in 1993, and appointed Secretary of Urban Infrastructure and Ecology, under the same administration. On this position, he boosted the work on the modernization of Hermosillo, among them, the Vado del Río Zone, the vaulting if Yucatán Street (among other pluvial modernization works), which included a 20 million pesos investment during the first three years of the Manlio Fabio Beltrones state administration; he also boosted the development of the Solidaridad Boulevard, as well as the creation of a vehicle inspection program.[4][5][6][7]

He also upgraded the modernization of the north and northwest area of the Sonora state, mainly the Puerto Peñasco, San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonoyta, and Nogales counties. In Nogales, he worked on the city's drinking water total coverage, with a 20-year guaranteed service. This work was made as a result of the negotiation of federal and international resources, without using any county or state resources. In 1995, he became member of the Advisory Council of the Border Ecological Cooperation Commission, until 1997. In the Puerto Peñasco County, he worked a zoning program, organizing a total of lands of 104, 385 hectares, of which highlights 10,971 hectares for a touristic reserv and productive activities, 8,671 hectares for a low density touristic-housing reservation, and 6,462 hectares for a medium density touristic-housing reservation.[8][9][10]

Other positions[edit]

During the nineties he was part of several business and union councils. He was Treasurer of the Civil Engineers College of Sonora, from 1992 to 1994, and member of the Board of Directors of the Banco del Atlántico in Hermosillo, Sonora from 1993 to 1996.[11] He was also part of the Board of Directors of the Arrendadora Nacional de la Industria de la Construcción, from 1991 to 1994; and Vice-president of the Construction Industry Credit Union of Sonora (UCIC by its Spanish initials) from 1992 to 1994, as well as President from 2000 to 2003.

President of the Construction Industry Credit Union of Sonora[edit]

During this period, he recovered the external found of the Construction Industry Credit Union of Sonora (UCIC by its initials in Spanish), establishing new recovery policies of the performing loans, recovering 7.9 million pesos for capital concept, while it was already register with a loan losses tag in the beginning of the same period. The same loan losses condition was reduced to zero by the end of his demarche. During this period, 24 new partners were added the de UCIC, passing from 78 to 102. The costs of administration were reduced versus the given credits, from the 16.4% to the 3.8%. In terms of the default rate, he accomplished an 80% recovery, without the need of any lawsuit, passing from 9.8 million of pesos to 1.9 million of pesos. By December 2002, the current loan portfolio growth in 733.55% with respect to April, 2000, wherewith, credits were given for:

  • Housing programs.
  • Asphalt plants.
  • Block factories.
  • Equipment acquisition.
  • Physical facilities.
  • Working Capital.
  • Modernisation of agricultural irrigation systems
  • Mining industry

The UCIC equity's was increased from 30.3 million of pesos in April, 2000, to 42.3 million of pesos in December, 2002.[12]

President of the Sonoran Delegation of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry[edit]

He was President of the Sonoran Delegation of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC by its initials in Spanish), from February, 2003 to February, 2005. During this period, two integrator companies were created, as well as a master's degree in Real Estate and National Assets Valuation; he also merged a few lands in order to construct the CMIC's offices. Two years later, he was appointed President of the Advisory Council of the CMIC, from February, 2007, to February 2009. He is also member of the same Advisory Council since 2003.[13]

Deputy of the LX Legislature[edit]

As a Local Deputy of the Congress of Sonora he has created and lobbied already approved laws, as the Animal Protection Law (Ley de Protección Animal), and the Schools Psychologists Law (Ley de Psicólogos en las Escuelas). He has denounced frauds, as well as attempts of frauds, like an official bidding processes of a bridge by the Department of Infrastructure and Urban Development of Sonora State, located in the intersection of Luis Encinas Boulevard and Navarrete Boulevard, in the city of Hermosillo, as well as an alleged fraud by the Secretary of Economy of Sonora State and the Transportation Modernization State Found (FEMOT by its Spanish initials), regarding a credit agreement of 600 million pesos.[14][15][16][17]

Legislations, commissions, and denouncements[edit]

Animal Protection Law[edit]

This law was presented by Deputy Vernon Perez Rubio, with the support of non-governmental organizations from the Sonora state, such as COAT and Pata de Perro; this is the first state law that prohibid bullfighting in Mexico. The law had a unanimously approbation by the LX Legislature of the Congress of Sonora, on May 2 of 2013; it also had the support 18,200 citizens, and it establish, among other things, that pet owners are obligated to shelter them in a dignified place, that pets must be identified with a basic data plate in order to find the owners, that pets must be vaccinated, that pets can not be brought to marches or mass protests, that pets can not be sold in public places or popular fairs, and that pets can not be executed violently.[18]

School Psychologists Law[edit]

This law was presented by the Deputy Vernon Perez Rubio, and its approval was made by the Committee of Education and Culture of the LX Congress Legislature of the Sonora State, unanimously approved in the plenary session, on October 24, 2013. This law adds a third paragraph on the 17th Article of the State of Sonora Education Law, and it fundamentally aims to establish the right for the Basic Education alumni to have a professional psychological counselor, for every 300 students. The law's objective is to place 2,200 psychologists on the schooling system in a 5-year period, starting with the 20% of them, on the 2014 - 2015 school period.[15]


The Deputy Vernon Perez Rubio is part of the following commissions on the LX Congress Legislature of the Sonora State:

  • Education and Culture Commission.
  • Justice and Human Rights Commission.
  • Public Safety Commission.
  • Building and Public Services Commission.
  • Border Affairs Commission.
  • Energy and Environmental Commission.
  • Science and Technology Commission.
  • Water Commission.
  • Housing Commission.


Accusation on the fraud attempt on the official bidding processes of a lower bridge in Hermosillo[edit]

Deputy Vernon Perez Rubio made an accusation against the Sonora Government on a fraud attempt on the official bidding processes of a lower bridge in the city of Hermosillo, during an ordinary session of the LX Congress Legislature of the Sonora State, on September 24, 2013. The alleged fraud consist, initially, on the construction tender, which was made for trimmings, sidewalks, and asphalt pavement construction on the city of San Luis Río Colorado, on the Quintana Roo Avenue, beginning in 26th street, and ending on 12th street. Three days later, the Department of Infrastructure and Urban Development of Sonora State announced the alleged mistake, changing the type of construction work as well as the ubication, calling for a bidding of a lower bridge in the intersection of Navarrete Boulevard and Luis Encinas Boulevard in the City of Hermosillo. Based on this mistake, from which a series of irregularities came up, Deputy Vernon Perez Rubio proposed that the case should have an obvious and urgent resolution on the Local Congress, trying to speed up these case; nevertheless, the National Action Party parliamentary section did not approved the action, turning the case to the Public Building Commission, headed by the Deputy Ignacio Garcia Fierros.[19][20]

Accusation on public transportation fraud[edit]

Deputy Vernon Perez Rubio, with the collaboration of the parliamentary section of the Institutional Revolutionary Party coordinator, Carlos Samuel Moreno Terán, presented a request for complain because of a fraud on diversion of funds for 600 million of pesos, against the Secretary of Treasury of Sonora State, Carlos Villalobos Organista, and against de former Director of the Transportation Modernization State Found (FEMOT by its Spanish initials), Victor Alcaraz. The fraud diversion allegedly started when the LIX Congress Legislature of the Sonora State, contracted a loan of 600 million of pesos for the FEMOT, in order to bring financial support to the public transportation concession holders in March, 2011; this amount of money was delivered to the FEMOT on April 17 and August 9, 2012. The FEMOT recibed the 600 million of pesos as a result of two contracted bank loans with BANCA MIFEL S.A. One of them for 400 million of pesos, and the other one for 200 million of pesos. This money was transferred to the BANCA MIFEL's checking account No. 3400101359, under the name of FEMOT. The investigation started in July, 2013, based on an information request to the Superior Auditing and Fiscalization Institute (ISAF by its Spanish initials). The conclusions from this request are:

  • The FEMOT did not register any deposit for 400 or 200 million of pesos.
  • The FEMOT withdrawals 569 million of pesos, without noticing any recipient or concept of any payment. The withdraws were made on April 17 and August 10, 2012.
  • The FEMOT declared receiving the amount of 178.9 million of pesos from the State Government, under the concept of the FEMOT credit, without any proof of it, being declared by the Treasury Department that this amount of money was from the dependency and not from the credit.
  • The 2012's public account does not indicates any proof of the FEMOT money being received by the State Government.

On August 21, 2013, a complaint was presented with the State General Comptroller's Office in order to point administrative accountability on the implicated public employees and, in case of finding criminal conducts, notice it to the Public Prosecutor, according to the 118th article of the State of Sonora Penal Code Procedures. The State General Comptroller delayed her appearance before the State Congress until January 16, 2014. On September 3, 2013, the ISAF delivered an up-to-date documentation on the destiny of the 600 million of pesos, justifying payments by the Treasury Department before receiving the FEMOT credit; likewise, the Department of Treasury indicated a 280 million of pesos payment to a company "Aseosres Unidos de Sonora GIA AUSUG, S.A. de C.V." which would be responsible for the public transportation credit. Deputy Vernon Perez Rubio also denounced that this company was not authorized by the Federal Government, and also, that it counts with a $100,000.00 capital.[21][22][23]


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