Vertebra (software)

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Developer(s)Engine Yard
Preview release
0.3 beta / January 14, 2009 (2009-01-14)
Written inErlang and Ruby
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeCloud computing framework
LicenseLGPL license

Vertebra is a framework that aims to simplify writing applications in The Cloud written by Engine Yard.


It was released under the GNU Lesser General Public License 3 at the end of 2008.[1]


Vertebra is written in a combination of Ruby and Erlang.[2]

Public reception[edit]

It has been characterized as a Service-Oriented-Architecture for the cloud,[3] an application deployment platform,[4] and an evolution in the architecture for cloud computing.[5] For its part, Engine Yard simply classifies it as "A Platform for the Cloud."[6]


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