Very Hard Choices

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Very Hard Choices
Author Spider Robinson
Country United States
Language English
Genre Science fiction, Speculative fiction novel
Publisher Baen Books
Publication date
June 3, 2008
Media type Print
Pages 224
ISBN 1-4165-5556-0
OCLC 191727410
813/.54 22
LC Class PS3568.O3156 V48 2008
Preceded by Very Bad Deaths

Very Hard Choices is a science-fiction/suspense-mystery novel from Canadian science fiction author Spider Robinson, released in June 2008. The novel, set in British Columbia, is a sequel to Very Bad Deaths and continues the story of the reclusive telepath known as Smelly.[1]


In this novel, Nika and Russell discover that protecting the secret of Smelly's telepathic abilities has brought them into conflict with the Central Intelligence Agency, who have been pursuing him since his escape from the MK Ultra Project in the 1960s.[1]


  • Zandor "Smelly" Zudenigo, recluse and telepath
  • Russell Walker, newspaper columnist
  • Jesse, Russell's son, an American public relations executive
  • Constable Nika Mandiç of the Vancouver Police Department

Critical reception[edit]

David Gerrold has said "Spider Robinson is at his best when he is most passionate – and this is Spider Robinson at his very best. If you're expecting a nice polite distraction that you can put down and forget, you're going to be very annoyed. This isn't a story, it's a wake-up call. And it isn't over until you decide it's over." [2]

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