Veterans' Day (Netherlands)

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Veterans Day
Draaginsigne Veteranen.JPG
ensign of the Veterans
Official nameNederlandse Veteranendag
Observed byNetherlands
Significanceday of remembrance for the country's servicemen

Veteranendag (Veterans' Day) is the Netherlands' annual day of remembrance for the country's servicemen.[1] Since 2005 it has been organized on the birthday of the late Prince Bernhard.[2] It is held on the last Saturday of June.


  1. ^ Robert Beeres, Jan van der Meulen, Joseph Soeters - Mission Uruzgan: Collaborating in Multiple Coalitions 2012 Page 331 "At home, Dutch veterans received increasingly more acknowledgement and 'respect' because of their deployment to Afghanistan. Veterans Day has become a nationwide broadcast event, and this is new in the Netherlands."
  2. ^ Jolande Withuis, Annet Mooij -The Politics of War Trauma: The Aftermath of World War II in ... 2010 "Since the rise of ptsd Dutch soldiers have become the objects of psychological care. ... given due attention and honor in the annual Veteranendag (Veterans' Day) that from 2005 has been organized on the birthday of the late prince Bernhard.