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Vicente García González was a General in the Cuban Ten Years' War (Spanish: Guerra de los Diez Años, also known as the Great War) and later a Cuban President who was assassinated by the Spanish after the war. García was born on January 23, 1833 in Las Tunas, and died on May 4, 1886.


Early years[edit]


In November 1877 President Estrada Palma is captured and imprisoned by the Spaniards. Maximo Gomez is offered the presidency, but he refuses. [Many believe this to be factor that ended the Ten Year War unfavorably for the rebels.] General Vicente García is named president of the Republic of Cuba.

Final years[edit]

On June 7, he left for Venezuela on the steamship “Guadalquivir”. He settled in Rio Chico, where he founded a cooperative with his family. He continued to support the new revolutionary outburst, and the Spanish assassinated him. On March 4, 1888, the Cuban General and President died.


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