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Vichte is a village in the municipality of Anzegem, in the south of West Flanders, Flanders, Belgium. It has 4,345 inhabitants (2004). Small, densely populated village with an important textile industry. Famous for its 12th century Roman Catholic church (now serving as a cultural centre) and its privately owned castle constructed by the Iseux family in the 16th century giving the village original coat of arms (D'or frette de sable). The most famous member of this family was Jeanne Iseux, Dame de la Vichte et des deux treilles, who married the Baron de la Croix de Drumez.[1] It is also the location of Brewery Verhaeghe, well known for its Flemish Red Ales.


Coordinates: 50°50′N 3°24′E / 50.833°N 3.400°E / 50.833; 3.400


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