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Victor Colicchio (born August 13, 1953) is an actor, screenwriter, musician, and songwriter. His screenwriting credits include Summer of Sam, co-written with actor Michael Imperioli.[1][2][3] and High Times' Potluck.[4] As an actor his credits include Inside Man[5], The Brave One, Goodfellas[5], The Deli, Bullets over Broadway, The Sopranos, and five episodes of Law & Order. He also played Slick Rick in New York Undercover.[1] In the 1970s he was involved with New York film collective Total Impact.[6] He also directed the documentary Rockin' America, about a multi-band tour of the USA that suffers serious problems when the promoter quits.[7]

Personal life[edit]

Colicchio founded Venice Film Production with his then-wife the producer Jeri Carroll.[8] His daughter, singer Dionna Dal Monte, was the subject of controversy in 2013 over a Nazi swastika on her breast.[9]




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