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Victor Leonard Wahltuch (24 May 1875 in Manchester – 27 August 1953 in London) was an English chess master.

He shared 1st with George Shories at Blackpool 1907, won at Blackpool 1908, tied for 3rd-4th at Blackpool 1910 (Frederick Yates won), and tied for 9-10th at Richmond 1912 (British Championship, Richard Griffith won).[1]

After World War I, he tied for 5-6th at Hastings 1919 (José Raúl Capablanca won),[2] shared 1st with Yates and won a play-off match with him (3 : 1) at Manchester 1921, tied for 12-13th at London 1922 (Capablanca won),[3] took 7th at Liverpool 1923 (Jacques Mieses won),[4] tied for 13-14th at London 1924 (George Alan Thomas won), shared 8th at the Hastings International Chess Congress 1925/26 (Alexander Alekhine and Milan Vidmar won), tied for 4-6th at Scarborough 1927 (Edgard Colle won), and took 4th at Scarborough 1929 (Harold Saunders and Savielly Tartakower won).[5]

Wahltuch played for England in the 4th Chess Olympiad at Prague 1931.[6]


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