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Victoria Jordanova, born Viktorija (Vita) Pop Jordanova in Serbia in 1952, is a composer/performer and media artist. She is the creative director, curator, producer and the sound editor for ArpaViva label she founded in 2003.


As a composer, virtuoso harpist, and pianist Victoria Jordanova melds experimental techniques, electronics and improvisation with her classical music education. Recordings of her music were published by Composer's Recordings Inc., Innova, and ArpaViva labels. Jordanova wrote music for ensembles such as The California EAR Unit,[1] Zeitgeist, Bang On The Can All Stars,[2] Creative Voices, and CurvedAir. Her music was included in "The Composer-Performer 40 Years of Discovery", Composer's Recordings Inc. 40th Anniversary Anthology of American Music in 1994. Her solo CD "Requiem for Bosnia and Other Works" was selected as one of the 10 best classical recordings of the year by Tim Page in New York NewsDay in 1994.[3]

With ArpaViva Victoria Jordanova published first ever recording of John Cage's "Postcard From Heaven" for 1-20 harps in 2007. Harp parts were played by Jordanova herself while Cage's ossia vocal part was performed by Pamela Z. ArpaViva releases also include DVD "Panopticon" a film based on a live performance by Victoria Jordanova and California EAR Unit in the Bing Theater (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) on November 25, 2002, "Panopticon" is an interdisciplinary piece exploring "surveillance society", performers include California EAR Unit, Victoria Jordanova, and Jeffery Atik, directed by Relja Penezic, released in 2003 distributed by Cinema Guild of New York. 2007 CD "In a Landscape" is dedicated to music for electric and amplified harp, and 2010 album "New York Love Songs", named after song cycle Jordanova wrote in 1997 in New York City also includes pieces by Charles Ives, John Cage, Frederic Rzewski, and Ashley Wang, performed by Jenny Q. Chai.


Victoria Jordanova holds BA from Michigan State University. She received the Langley Fellowship to New York University where she received her M.A. in Musicology. She was awarded the French government fellowship for special graduate studies in Paris. While in Paris, she was also an Artist-in-Residence at the Cite International des Arts.

Personal life[edit]

Today, Victoria Jordanova lives and works in Los Angeles, California.


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