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The Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association (VSDCA) is a turf cricket competition based in Melbourne, Australia. There are 28 clubs each fielding four teams(one per grade)plus an under 15 (formerly under 14) team in the annual J.G Craig (formerly R.M. Hatch) shield competition which is regarded as the premier competition for the future of Victorian cricket. There are 4 divisions (North, South, East, West). In first and second grade these divisions rotate annually to ensure every club plays each other at least once every 3 years. In third and fourth division these do not change and the 2 'leagues' are South-East and North-West.


These clubs also have other teams asides from the open age VSDCA and R M Hatch Shield (Under 15 Competition). All clubs run juniors programs. Many also have other open age teams in local competitions (some even play against each other in these competitions as well as the VSDCA), women's teams and run children's programs such as the Milo "Have a Go!" program.

All clubs must provide 2 turf wickets(the club's home ground is usually of higher standard and is used for first and second grade with occasional fixture problems leading to third or fourth grade game. The second ground is usually of lower standard and will rarely have a bar or facilities near the 'home ground' some clubs (such as Altona and Kew) grounds are next to each other) with changing areas for players and umpires as well as areas for the players to park cars and shower.

2011/2012 season[edit]

Group Premiers for season were Melton (North/West Group) and Caulfield (South/East Group).

Lorenzo Ingram from Plenty Valley C.C. won the R M Hatch Medal (best player in 1st XI)with James Stafford - Perkins winning the W J Price Medal (best player in 2nd XI).

Melton C.C. won the T20 Twilight Competition and Brighton C.C.winning the R M Hatch (Under 15) Competition.

At the conclusion of the season, Broadmeadows C.C. announced that they would merge with Roxburgh Park C.C. the merged club to be known as Roxburgh Park Broadmeadows C.C.

Connections to other Associations[edit]

Due to its recognition as being Victoria's second highest form of club cricket and its control of the Hatch Shield, which is seen as Victoria's premier under 15 tournament, the league is closely linked with other associations. Due to its high level of competitiveness it is the most common breeding ground for district players. Also to feed hatch sides, clubs will often draw from their local associations (such as Broadmedows, Coburg and Brunswick attracting players from the North West Cricket Association). Also due to it lacking any other form of junior competition its clubs are required to form alliances with other associations to ensure they are able to run a junior program.

J.G. Craig Shield (formerly R.M. Hatch Shield)[edit]

Formerly an under 14 competition in the 2005/2006 season it became an under 15's in a Cricket Victoria re-structure. For many aspiring young Victorian cricketers this is seen as an important milestone and often marks a player's first matches on professionally prepared turf wickets. Games are 45 overs a side one day matches. Professionalism runs high in these teams as clubs aim to secure players for following seasons if they are not already playing seniors with that club. Many district clubs also watch these games with interest in their quest to secure young talent. The matches are played in mid-January. This can lead to games being played in extreme temperatures which is dangerous to both players and spectators. In the 2006/2007 Box Hill defeated Broadmeadows in the final. Fixtures follow a similar format to that of the senior competition with the exception there are 4 individual divisions with the top team of each playing another team that finished top of its division in a semi final before the two winners of those games go on to play in the grand final.

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