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Viki is a 1935 Hungarian operetta by Pál Ábrahám to a libretto by Imre Harmath and Adorján Bónyi.[1] It premiered on 26 January 1935 at the National Theatre (Budapest) (or Magyar Színház).


Viki is a headstrong, boisterous young woman who prefers to dress and act like a man. When she gets into an argument with the equally quarrelsome Feri, he fails to see through her disguise and challenges her to a duel, "man to man." During the duel Feri discovers Viki's true gender and instantly falls in love with her.


Two years after its premiere in Budapest, the operetta was made into a film in 1937 by the Hungarian director Márton Keleti, with Rosy Barsony as Viki, Paul Javor as Feri, Gyula Csortos as Hadhazy, and Lili Berky as Mme. Hadhazy.


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