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Viktor Aleksandrovich Vesnin
BornApril 9, 1882
DiedSeptember 17, 1950
PracticeVesnin Brothers, NKTP Architectural Board
ProjectsPalace of Soviets, NKTP Building on Red Square

Viktor Aleksandrovich Vesnin (Russian: Виктор Александрович Веснин, 1882–1950), was a Russian Soviet architect. His early works (1909–1915) follow the canon of Neoclassicist Revival; in 1920's, he and his brothers Leonid (1880–1933) and Alexander (1883–1959) emerged as leaders of Constructivist architecture, the Vesnin brothers. After the crackdown on Constructivism in 1931-32 and until his death, Viktor Vesnin was the highest-ranked architect in Soviet system, heading the Union of Soviet architects and Academy of Architecture. As a lead architect for heavy construction, he supervised many industrial projects, but his own visionary drafts of this period never materialized.[1][2]

Selected Work[edit]

Stamps of Azerbaijan, 2017
Mostorg department store, 1928
  • 1934 Commissariat of Heavy Industry Project
  • 1927-1932 DnieproGES, with Nikolai Kolli
  • 1930 Palace of Culture of the Proletarsky district, Moscow
  • 1928 House of Film Actors, Moscow
  • 1926 Mostorg department store, Moscow
  • 1924 Leningradskaya Pravda project
  • 1922-23 Palace of Labor project
  • 1915 Sirotkin House, Nizhny Novgorod
  • 1914 Mantashev Stables, Moscow Racetrack (with A.G.Izmirov, Alexander Vesnin) [3]


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