Viktoria Baškite

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Viktoria Baškite
Country  Estonia
Born (1985-08-06) August 6, 1985 (age 32)
Tallinn, Estonia
Title Woman International Master

Viktoria Baškite (born August 6, 1985 in Tallinn) is an Estonian chess Woman International Master (2004).

Chess career[edit]

Daughter of Lithuanian father and Russian mother, Viktoria Baškite is a Tallinn chess school alumni. One of her first trainers was Estonian chess master Iivo Nei. From 2000 to 2003 Viktoria Baškite was the four-time winner of the Estonian Junior Chess Championships. From 1995 to 2003 she participated in the European Junior Chess Championships and the World Junior Chess Championships in different age groups. Her best result - 9th place at the European Junior Chess Championship in the group under 18 years (2002). In 2003 and 2004, she won the Open Sweden Junior Chess Championships. In 2004 Viktoria Baškite was named the best young chess player in Estonia.

In Estonian Women's Chess Championship has won gold (2000), 2 silver (2001, 2006) and 3 bronze medals (2002, 2003, 2005). In 2001 Viktoria Baškite won Estonian Rapid Chess Championship.[1]

Team chess results[edit]

Viktoria Baškite played for Estonia in Chess Olympiads:[2]

Viktoria Baškite played for Estonia in European Team Chess Championship:[3]

  • In 2007, at fourth board in Heraklion (+4 −1 =3).

Personal life[edit]

In 2003 Viktoria Baškite graduated from the Russian gymnasium in Lasnamäe. In 2005 Viktoria Baškite graduated from the Tallinn University of Technology faculty of mechanic with bachelor's degree, and in 2008 she receive a master's degree.[4]


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