Villa Jeanneret

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Villa Jeannere
General information
Location France
Completed 1923-25
Design and construction
Architect Le Corbusier

Villa Jeanneret and Villa La Roche are two houses in Paris, designed by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret in 1923-1925 and renovated by Charlotte Perriand in 1928. No longer inhabited, they house the Fondation Le Corbusier museum and archives.[1][2] The houses are located at 8-10 square du Docteur-Blanche, 16th arrondissement, Paris.


The Villa Jeanneret was commissioned by Le Corbusier's brother, Albert Jeanneret, and his fiancée Lotti Raaf. It forms part of a joint project with the connected Villa La Roche - the original scheme involved more houses and more clients, but it was only Jeanneret and La Roche that stayed the course and saw their villas built.

Design and construction[edit]

The program included a salon, dining room, bedrooms, a study, a kitchen, a maid's room and a garage. The site faced north, and zoning restrictions prevented windows looking over the surrounding back gardens. It was therefore necessary to get light in by creating light courts, a terrace, and skylights. At the roof is a roof terrace, similar to the deck of a ship.


Coordinates: 48°51′07″N 2°15′55″E / 48.85194°N 2.26528°E / 48.85194; 2.26528