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Coordinates: 41°48′36″N 12°41′28″E / 41.810025°N 12.6909944°E / 41.810025; 12.6909944

Old print of Villa Parisi-Borghese 1620 author Matteo Greuter

Villa Parisi - Borghese is a villa in Frascati, now in Monte Porzio Catone municipal territory, Italy. It was built between 1604 and 1605 by Mons. Fernando Taverna. In 1615 it was acquired by Cardinal Scipione Borghese. Later a nymphaeum and the stately portal were built together villa's extension work on project of architect Girolamo Rainaldi. Camillo Borghese in 1729 promoted further renovations.

Painted decorations was carried in the 19th century by painters Giuseppe Valeriani and his brother Domenico, Ignazio Heldman and Taddeo Kuntze. In 1896 the villa was purchased by Savero Parisi, an entrepreneur. In the garden are present Roman remains of an old Roman villa. It was the summer residence of Princess Pauline Bonaparte, wife of Camillo Borghese, and his family.

The villa is not open to the public. It was used as the primary location for the 1974 film Blood for Dracula starring Udo Kier.


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