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The Villa Widmann-Foscari, also called Widmann-Rezzonico-Foscari, is a villa at the shores of the river Brenta located in the small town of Mira, between Venice and Padua.

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The present palace was built in the 18th century; a succession of families including the Scerimann, Donà, Foscari, had previously owned the site. The present villa was apparently designed and built in 1719 by Alessandro (?...Andrea) Tirali, a Venetian architect. The Widmanns commissioned the internal frescoes mainly by Giuseppe Angeli, a pupil of Giambattista Piazzetta, and Gerolamo Mengozzi Colonna, who worked with Tiepolo. The Villa is surrounded by cypress and horse-chestnut trees, and gardens interspersed by several stone statues of gods, nymphs and cupids. A Barchessa (a protruding arcade wing usually functioning as storage sheds or stables) and a small church, where Elisabetta and Arianna Widmann are buried, are also part of the Villa’s buildings.

Virtual Tour[edit]

In 2011 was made the first of a series of virtual tours digital heritage that will make the most beautiful Venetian villas. the project was designed by Fotografia Virtuale™ a company specialized in high-tech photography and new media based in Venice but with several branches in major Italian cities. Here's the direct link to the project: Virtual tour of villa Widmann Rezzonico Foscari


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Coordinates: 45°26′31″N 12°08′48″E / 45.44194°N 12.14667°E / 45.44194; 12.14667