Village 1104

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Village 1104
The cover of Village 1104 by Prateek Arora.
Author Prateek Arora
Illustrator Prateek Arora
Cover artist Prateek Arora
Country India
Language English
Genre Fiction
  • Reviewer's Edition:(self-published by ABC Press)
*Market Edition:(not confirmed yet)
Publication date
March 2010
Media type Print (Hardcover & Paperback)
Pages 147

Village 1104 is a fiction book written by an author and social activist in India- Prateek Arora. The book is a first-person narrative which revolves around a professor- Abhimanyu Shergill and 4 children- Sid, Rishabh, Murari and Priya. Prateek, in this book, talks about the various kinds of pressure an Indian student has to go through- parental pressure, peer pressure and gender-biases. The book narrates how these 4 failures in the city land in a village which is not even significant enough to get a name in the directory of the Indian Government. Prateek shows how these four failures combine to make a success for the village, which, at the end is known all over the country for the drastic change it goes through because of the four children that visited it.


  • Abhimanyu Shergill
  • Siddhart
  • Priya
  • Rishabh
  • Murari
  • Sukhlal ji
  • Akriti
  • Naresh
  • Mr. Bhandari
  • Mrs. Bhandari
  • Mr. Bhardawaj

About the Author[edit]

Village 1104 was the debut book for Prateek Arora who wrote it at the age of 16. The book got coverage in 7 major newspapers in India. Prateek calls this version of the book as "The Reviewer's Edition"- the edition through which he wants to collect reviews from all the readers. Knowing how the readers want the book to be, he shall publish the next edition of the book in April, 2010. As of 20 March 2010, Prateek said in one of his interviews, that he had recieived a huge number of reviews by the readers and now had a clear image of what the next edition would be like. With this edition aldready out, newspapers and journals have named him as Budding Young Author of India and The Boy Born With A Pen


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